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During Peak Runoff, Disaster Can Strike in Seconds

During peak runoff season, high water can be attractive  especially for kids. But it only takes a second of turning your back for a loved one to fall in the water.

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DNR Opens New Regional Complex in Richfield

The Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) celebrated the opening of its new Richfield Regional Complex located at 2031 South Industrial Park Road in Richfield with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

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Draft Water Use Data Released by Division of Water Resources

The Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe) publicly released draft water use data tied to its quality control processes in accordance with the Utah Records Committee’s order.

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DNR Supports Navajo Nation Water Settlement Legislation

The Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in full support of legislation recently introduced in Congress that creates a negotiated settlement agreement over water rights claims on the Colorado River between Utah and the Utah Navajo Nation.

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Bear River Development Can Likely be Delayed Further

The Bear River Development Process Team announced today that it believes the Bear River Development Project can likely be further delayed as a result of regional water conservation efforts and the implementation of innovative programs like secondary water metering. 

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New Report to Help Keep Utah “The Place” to Find Oil

A new study by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), Major Oil Plays in Utah and Vicinity, contains the critical maps, data and information to help Utah remain a significant petroleum contributor

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Secondary water meter being installed
Loan Program Approved for Secondary Water Meter Installation

The Board of Water Resources unanimously approved a new program which will loan up to $3 million per year, for secondary water meter installations.

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200 Mine Openings in Tooele County to be Closed

The Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining Abandoned Mine Reclamation (AMR) program is closing 200 mine openings in the Clifton Hills area in western Tooele County.

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Union Pacific Railroad Causeway Breach to Proceed After Dec. 1

The Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has advised Union Pacific to proceed with its breach as planned, after Dec. 1.

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Record Number of WRI Projects Announced for 2017

Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI), coordinated by the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR), recently announced $34 million in funding for a record 208 wildland restoration and rehabilitation projects statewide.

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