Permits and Licenses

The Department of Natural Resources offers an assortment of licenses, permits and applications through its various divisions and offices. Here, you'll locate all the resources you need.

Water Rights & Resources

List of the various forms available for Water Rights

  • Applications to Appropriate
  • Fixed Time Applications to Appropriate
  • Temporary Applications to Appropriate
  • Permanent Change Applications 
  • Fixed Time Change Applications
  • Temporary Change Applications
  • Split Season Change Applications
  • Exchange Applications
  • Stream Alteration Permits
  • Extension Requests
  • Reports of Water Right Conveyance
  • Nonuse Applications
  • Proofs of Beneficial Use
  • Affidavits of Beneficial Use
  • Application to Construct a Dam
  • Application to Renovate or Replace an Existing Well
  • Non-production Well Construction
  • Application for Well Driller’s License
  • Application to Segregate a Water Right
  • Application to Apportionment of Beneficial Use Amounts
  • Declaration of Beneficial Use Amounts
  • Sewage Effluent Reuse Application
  • Groundwater Recharge Permit
  • Groundwater Recovery Permit
Angled close up front view of Upper Stillwater Dam