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Park Rangers Aid United States Marshals Service in Fugitive Capture

Salt Lake City — DNR has about 120 law enforcement personnel. So often their good work goes unrecognized by the general public. They quietly work in remote and secluded areas of the state with professionalism, bravery and ingenuity; protecting the state’s abundant natural resources and helping the good people of Utah who are enjoying the outdoors. When one or two of our officers are recognized, it’s really a shout out to the great work of so many statewide. 

Recently, Park Ranger Aaron Nelson discovered in a Bear Lake area campground a fugitive wanted by the United States Marshals (USMS). Aaron, along with Assistant Park Manager Wayne Earley and Park Manager Richard Droesbeke gathered information without detection to confirm his identity and coordinated with USMS to make the arrest. Aaron, Wayne and Richard conducted surveillance and set up a perimeter until the USMS Violent Fugitive Task Force could arrive on site. Their involvement was respected and recognized.

The situational awareness and professionalism of these three individuals is appreciated. We also appreciate the commitment and dedication of all DNR law enforcement for the quiet humility they demonstrate serving the State of Utah. We’re confident they regularly respond regularly with the same professionalism demonstrated in this incident.   

Below is a copy of the letter DNR Executive Director Styler received from United States Marshals Service:

Dear Mr. Styler,

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you and your staff for assisting our office with the arrest of a violent fugitive last week in Bear Lake, Utah.

On July 12, 2018, a diligent DNR officer spotted a United States Marshals (USMS) fugitive camping in the area around Bear Lake. The fugitive was wanted for killing his wife in Pearl River Mississippi in May. For the last several weeks, the USMS Violent Fugitive Task Force tracked the fugitive in every square inch of the state, but it wasn’t until one of your DNR officers on patrol spotted the subject’s vehicle that we finally located the subject. Your office immediately contacted our task force, conducted surveillance and set up a perimeter until our team arrived.

I cannot express how grateful our office is for the assistance and the professionalism of your staff. The USMS in the District stresses the importance of building and cultivating relationships with all our state, local and federal partners. This investigation is a perfect example of how our law enforcement family in Utah is stronger when we all work together. Please send my gratitude to your staff, and specifically your officer who located the vehicle so we can finally bring this fugitive to justice.”