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Forestry, Fire and State Lands

Geological Survey

Oil, Gas and Mining

State Parks

Water Rights

Water Resources

Wildlife Resources

DNR Leadership

Department Executive Team

Joel Ferry

Executive Director


Joel Ferry was appointed DNR executive director in June 2022 by Gov. Spencer J. Cox. He leads an agency of about 2,500 employees from eight divisions and two offices. read more

Nathan Schwebach

Deputy Director


Nathan Schwebach joined DNR in 2014 and was appointed as the department's deputy director in July 2021. read more

Todd Adams

Deputy Director


Todd Adams was appointed as DNR deputy director in August 2021. He previously served as the director of the Division of Water Resources. read more

Redge Johnson

Deputy Director


Redge Johnson was appointed as DNR deputy director in August 2022. He also serves as the executive director for the Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office and will continue in this dual role. read more

Kim Wells

Communications Director


Kim Wells was appointed as the communications director for the Department of Natural Resources in August 2021. read more

Kaelyn Anfinsen

Executive Assistant


Kaelyn Anfinsen joined DNR in 2009 and currently serves as executive assistant. read more

Department Administrative Team

Todd Royce

Law Enforcement Director


Todd Royce joined DNR in 2018. As law enforcement director, Royce works closely with DNR division leadership and section chiefs to oversee the public safety efforts of the department. read more

Wade Kloos

Enterprise Services Director


Wade Kloos is the director of enterprise systems. His main responsibilities are to cultivate and manage the systems that serve the entire department, such as GIS, AV Services and the UAS/Drone Program. read more

Roger Lewis

Finance Director


Roger Lewis became the Finance Director for DNR in April of 2017. read more

Mike Tribe

Human Resources Director


Mike Tribe has served as the human resource field office director since 2017. He is responsible for consulting with agency management on HR strategies and needs. read more

Bryan Brown

Information Technology Director


Bryan Brown joined DNR in 2023 as the information technology director where he oversees DNR’s technical environment with application development and maintenance, desktop support, servers, network and help desk. read more

Tyler Thompson

Watershed Director


Tyler Thompson has worked for DNR since 1997 starting his career as a seasonal employee collecting vegetation trend data for Division of Wildlife Resources Range Trend Program. read more

Dennis Carver

Internal Audit Director


Dennis Carver serves as DNR's Internal Audit Director and monitors, assesses and brings awareness to DNR leadership of high value risks, the status of internal control activities and the climate and culture of the DNR control environment. read more

Division Directors

Jamie Barnes

Forestry, Fire and State Lands Director


Jamie Barnes was appointed as the Utah State Forester and Director of the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands in August 2021. She previously oversaw the division's sovereign lands program. read more

Mick Thomas

Oil, Gas and Mining Director


Mick Thomas was appointed as the director of the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining in January 2024. He oversees the responsible development of oil and gas resources, regulation of coal and mineral mining, and the protection efforts of abandoned mine reclamation. read more

Scott Strong

State Parks Director


Scott Strong has served as the director of the Division of Utah State Parks since 2024. He oversees the administration of Utah's 46 beautiful state parks, along with state monuments and historic properties. read more

Candice Hasenyager

Water Resources Director


Candice Hasenyager serves as the director of the Utah Division of Water Resources and was appointed in August 2021. She previously served as the division's deputy director. read more

Teresa Wilhelmsen

State Engineer/Director


Teresa Wilhelmsen is the director of the Division of Water Rights and the State Engineer. She is responsible for the administration of Utah's waters, including measurement, appropriation, apportionment and distribution. read more

J. Shirley

Wildlife Director


Justin Shirley was appointed as the director of the Division of Wildlife in August 2021. He previously served as the law enforcement chief. read more

R. William (Bill) Keach

State Geologist/UGS Director


Bill Keach was appointed as the Utah Geological Survey director and state geologist in 2019. He is responsible for ensuring UGS follows the powers and duties as defined in state code. read more

Jason Curry

Division of Outdoor Recreation Director


Jason Curry was appointed as the director of the Division of Outdoor Recreation in December 2022. He leads the administration of all outdoor recreation grant programs in the state. read more

Greg Todd

Energy Advisor/Energy Development Director


Greg Todd was appointed as the energy advisor and director of the Office of Energy Development, an agency within the Department of Natural Resources, in August 2022. read more