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DWR serves the people of Utah by managing, sustaining and enhancing the state's wildlife populations and by conserving wildlife habitat. The Division also oversees hunting and fishing opportunities statewide.

As public servants, DWR employees seek to balance social- and science-based management and are eager to cultivate and strengthen partnerships with any individual, organization or agency that will commit time or other resources to benefit wildlife or expand recreational opportunities.

We want to pass along our wildlife heritage to future generations, and we want it to be in better shape than when it was passed to us. We also actively work to preserve Utah's important hunting and fishing heritage in a way that benefits wildlife and Utah residents alike.

DWR staff conduct a fish survey on the Ogden River

Fish survey on the Ogden River

Hardware Ranch provides an annual viewing opportunity for families to observe local elk

Herd of elk at the Hardware Ranch

Utah is home to diverse and abundant wildlife and the Division has received national recognition for its wildlife management, world-class fisheries and variety of non-game species. DWR consistently performs wildlife transplants for turkeys, sage-grouse, bison, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, pronghorn and river otters. Ongoing work is being done to protect sensitive species, like native cutthroat trout, and to prevent federal listing under the Endangered Species Act. Popular fisheries are regularly stocked with hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish raised in Division hatcheries.

The Division's innovative habitat program leads North America in restoration efforts. Through Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative and with the help of over 100 partners, the state has restored and rehabilitated nearly 2.25 million acres of land statewide.

Where can I go to buy a hunting or fishing license?

You have a few different options. You can buy a license online, visit a local retailer who sells licenses or stop by a Division office. For certain hunts, you may need to apply for a separate hunting permit.

Where can I find Utah’s hunting and fishing laws?

You can find explanations of Utah’s hunting and fishing laws in our regulation guidebooks. The guidebooks also point to the specific state laws and administrative rules that apply to hunting and fishing in Utah.

Where should I go fishing?

It depends on what you want to catch and how far you want to drive. Check out our regional fishing reports and stocking report to find popular Utah fisheries and see where the bite is hot!

How do I report a poacher?

Call our hotline at 1-800-662-3337. You can also report a poacher online.

I want to see wildlife. Do you have any events coming up?

The best way to know about upcoming events is to stay connected to Utah’s wildlife world through our online calendar, news releases and social media channels.

How can I contact DWR?

Call 801-538-4700 to reach our main office.