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Forestry, Fire and State Lands

Geological Survey

Oil, Gas and Mining

State Parks

Water Rights

Water Resources

Wildilfe Resources

DNR Leadership

Department Executive Team

Michael Styler

Executive Director


Styler has served as executive director of DNR since January 2005. He leads an agency of 1,300 employees, divided among seven divisions read more

Darin Bird

Deputy Director


Bird currently serves as deputy director of DNR. he works closely with the legislature and also works with Utah’s congressional delegation on federal issues. read more

Robyn Pearson

Deputy Director


Pearson currently serves as deputy director of DNR and manages DNR’s geographic information system, serves on the Utah Lake Commission and oversees several divisions. read more

Nathan Schwebach

Communications Director


Schwebach joined the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 2015 as the communications director and public information officer. read more

Kaelyn Anfinsen

Executive Assistant


Kaelyn Anfinsen has served as the executive assistant for the Utah Department of Natural Resources since 2009. read more

Department Administrative Team

Sid Groll

Law Enforcement Director


Groll joined DNR in 2004. As law enforcement director, Groll works closely with DNR division leadership and section chiefs to oversee the public safety efforts of the department. read more

Wade Kloos

GIS Director


Kloos is DNR’s GIS director. He manages and assists seven divisions with innovative ways to implement GIS technology. read more

Dennis Carver

Finance Director


Carver is currently the director of finance and is responsible for the operation, management and coordination of its $200 million budget. read more

Mike Tribe

Human Resources Director


Tribe has been the human resource field office director since 2017. He is responsible for consulting with agency management on HR strategies and needs. read more

Bill Boudreaux

Information Technology Director


Boudreau joined DNR in 2013 as the information technology director where he overseeing DNR’s application development, maintenance and desktop support. read more

Alan Clark

Watershed Director


Clark joined the administration in 2012 oversees Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative designed to improve high priority watersheds in the state. read more

Henry Maddux

Species Recovery Director


Maddux has served as DNR’s director of Recovery Programs since 2012, which includes June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. read more

Division Directors

Brian Cottam

Forestry, Fire and State Lands Director


Cottam is the Utah State Forester and Director of the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and administers numerous forestry programs. read more

John Baza

Oil, Gas and Mining Director


Baza was appointed in May 2005 and leads the division’s efforts in petroleum development, coal and mineral mining, and abandoned mine reclamation. read more

Fred Hayes

Parks and Recreation Director


Hayes primary responsibilities include supervision of division staff who administers the affairs of Utah’s 43 state parks, off-highway vehicle program, and state boating program. read more

Eric Millis

Water Resources Director


Eric Millis is the director of the Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe) and has served as Utah’s interstate streams commissioner since November 2013. read more

Kent Jones

State Engineer/Water Rights Director


Jones was appointed in 2009 and is responsible for the general administration of Utah’s waters and its measurement, appropriation, apportionment and distribution. read more

Gregory Sheehan

Wildlife Director


Sheehan has served as division director since 2012. His primary responsibilities include the management and protection of Utah’s wildlife and fisheries. read more

Rick Allis

State Geologist/Geological Survey Director


Allis became director and state geologist in 2000 and He is responsible for ensuring UGS follows the powers and duties as defined in state code. read more
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