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Director’s Message
Michael Styler, DNR executive director

By working together we can find solutions to complex natural resources challenges.

On my first day as Executive Director at the Utah Department of Natural Resources, I gathered briefly with our employees to tell them something that in my experience government employees don’t hear often enough: thank you. Being a public servant is a fantastic job, but it can also be a difficult one. I love the passion that our employees feel about the jobs they do. They are experts in their various fields and they strive every day to do their jobs well. I am grateful to be part of their team.

As a state, we face both opportunities and challenges in managing our natural resources. The decisions we make require balance, effort, and cooperation and coordination among a variety of groups and stakeholders. The Department of Natural Resources is committed to making decisions in just this way to benefit the State and its citizens.

I am absolutely confident that we can find balanced solutions by working together. We can ensure continued growth while protecting wildlife and habitat. We can ensure energy development and mineral extraction while supporting sensitive areas and promoting reclamation efforts. We can accomplish necessary water development with a continued focus on water conservation and improved efficiencies of existing infrastructures. We can provide solutions for outdoor recreational needs while protecting and improving vulnerable areas.

At the DNR, we’re committed to proactively managing our natural resources in a way that strikes that necessary balance. In so doing, we are committed to improving the quality of life enjoyed by all Utahns.

We’ll be successful because of our outstanding employees and supportive partners, elected officials and customers. We are all in this together.


Brian Steed, DNR executive director