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Get To Know Utah Lake

Utah Lake is a popular and familiar place for a number of Utahns. As the largest freshwater lake in the state, and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the western United States, Utah Lake offers several recreational activities and holds a variety of wildlife.
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Get To Know Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake, the largest body of water west of the Mississippi River, is truly one of Utah’s wonders. Famous for its high salt content, Great Salt Lake is what is remaining of Lake Bonneville — a giant prehistoric lake that once covered most of western Utah. Continue reading

The Top 5 Best Eateries in Small Town Utah

Love a good bite to eat? So do we.

Because of our statewide responsibilities, DNR employees are well-traveled and have acquired fantastic opinions about many of Utah’s small town eateries. Here are our top 5 small town eateries throughout Utah worth trying, and what each town has to offer in terms of recreation: 

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