Endangered Species Mitigation Fund


Protecting Utah's sensitive species one project at a time

The Endangered Species Mitigation Fund (ESMF) is a state program created during the general session of the 1997 State Legislature (Utah Code 63-34-14) that is administered by the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The purpose of the ESMF is to provide funding to facilitate conservation of fish and wildlife species and their habitats in greatest need of protection.

This Web site will help you better understand the ESMF and evaluate if it's a program that could help you. If you'd like more information, contact our office.

What kind of projects are eligible for the funds?

Any project that helps recover endangered or sensitive species is eligible to apply for a grant. Read more about eligibility requirements.

Which species are we talking about?

Any species on Utah's Sensitive Species List (2005) is eligible for funding. This list may be downloaded to your computer. (Adobe's PDF Reader required)

Who can apply?

ESMF funding is open to anyone with a viable project. Past recipients of awards include state agencies, counties, cities, universities and other groups. Download the full brochure. (664 MB, Adobe's PDF Reader required)

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