Working for Natural Resources

We earn a living working at those things that other people do for fun.

"Do you really get to do that for a living?" We hear that question all the time. It's fair to say that DNR employees like their jobs and are passionate about their work. Our team is composed of several hundred professionals in fields as diverse as geology, biology, communications, engineering and law enforcement. Working at the DNR is great — whether just over the summer between college semesters or as a long-term career decision.

Full-time positions

Permanent, full-time employment with the DNR and its divisions is handled through the Utah Department of Human Resource Management. If you are interested in working for the DNR, or any other state agency, their Web site has a listing of available jobs. Their site also provides information about compensation and the benefits that come from working for the State of Utah.

Temporary positions

The DNR maintains a list of temporary or seasonal jobs on this Web site. If you're looking for interesting temporary work, we often have several natural resource-oriented seasonal positions open around the state.

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