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THE GOALS of the Division of Water Resources (DWRe) are to provide technical and financial assistance to encourage the highest beneficial uses of water consistent with economic, social and environmental considerations, to identify future water needs and implement water management, conservation and development strategies and to defend and protect Utah's rights to develop and use its entitlement to interstate streams.

DMAD dam
Reconstructed DMAD spillway in Millard County

For over 60 years the DRWe has been involved in the planning, design and construction of water projects throughout Utah. With legislature appropriated funds, the DWRe oversees three funding programs that help this process.

Revolving Construction Fund: this fund helps in the construction of rural drinking water systems, well development and the construction of irrigation systems

The Cities Water Loan Fund: provides financial help for cities, towns and districts for the construction of municipal water projects

Conservation and Development Fund: helps in the construction of large projects such as dams and large municipal irrigation and drinking water systems.

For an application to one of these funding programs, visit the DWRe Web site.

DMAD dam
Flood irrigation near Herriman in Salt Lake County

Because of Utah's arid climate, planning for future water needs of the state is critical. With the use of hydrologic analysis, computer modeling and detailed water-related land use data and municipal and industrial water use data, the DWRe is able to recognize water use issues, make projections for future water use and recommend solutions statewide. These recommendations are published into the Utah State Water Plan and detailed river basin plans that provide local and regional decision makers and entities water resource guidelines within their area of the state.

The DWRe, in coordination with the Governor's Water Conservation Team, has set a water conservation goal to reduce per capita water use by at least 25 percent by the year 2050. The DWRe has developed several strategies to ensure this goal is reached. Two essential programs are aimed at: (1) educating students and (2) educating the general public about the importance of conserving water in the state.

DMAD dam
Alfalfa harvest near Mona in Juab County

Through the Water Conservation and Education section the DWRe has teamed with the Utah State Office of Education, the International Office of Water Education and the Living Plant Aquarium to put together comprehensive programs that help prepare students to better understand their roles in conserving and protecting Utah's water resources.

Through the Division's Water Conservation Web site residents and water agencies can find various water conservation resources such as Utah's Municipal and Industrial Water Conservation Plan, a link to Water Wise Plants for Utah, a Weekly Lawn Watering Guide and other essential water conservation tips and links that will help conserve water.


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