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THE UTAH GEOLOGICAL SURVEY is an applied scientific agency that creates, interprets and provides information about Utah's geologic environment, resources and hazards to promote safe, beneficial and wise use of land. Listed below is more information about us and the services we provide.

Energy and Minerals

We identify, characterize and quantify Utah's energy and mineral resources. We manage the Utah Core Research Center which maintains computerized databases and other files on Utah's past and present resource development activities. The research center responds to requests for information about the state's energy and mineral resources from individuals, governmental agencies and industry.

Utah’s rich fossil history beckons both amateur and professional paleontologists.

Geologic Information and Outreach

Our outreach program answers questions and provides information on Utah's geology to the public, educators, industry and decision makers. We produce non-technical, geologic-overview and educational publications on a variety of topics. We operate the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore and the Department of Natural Resources Library, both of which are Earth Science Information Centers (affiliates to the U.S. Geological Survey). We also provide education and geologic resources, field trips and workshops to teachers.

Geologic Mapping

We map the geology of the state at 1:100,000 and 1:24,000 scales and produce both print and digital maps. We provide geologic maps to geologists, government officials, industry representatives and the public. These maps promote better understanding of Utah's geology, delineate the resource potential of property, and assess geologic hazards.

Find out more about the Utah Geological Survey on the their Web site: http://geology.utah.gov

Geologic Hazards

We respond to requests from government agencies for geologic hazards investigations and report reviews. We also help protect Utah's public health and safety by investigating and mapping hazards. We respond to geologic hazards emergencies; compile small- and large-scale geologic hazard maps; provide the public, state agencies, school districts and local governments with information and technical services.

Ground Water and Paleontology

This program rovides state government and the public with detailed studies on paleontological and ground-water resources. We issue permits for fossil excavations, and we direct a paleontological training program for amateurs through Utah Friends of Paleontology.


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