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THE DIVISION OF FORESTRY, FIRE AND STATE LANDS is responsible for forest health, responding to wildland fires and managing sovereign lands in Utah. Private landowners rely on area foresters and fire managers to assist in promoting healthy forested land and planning for safer communities.

Ogden Bay
State-owned marsh areas along the Great Salt Lake.

Healthy forests are the key to thriving watersheds as well as fit communities. The urban forestry program endeavors to promote trees in communities statewide. Trees provide numerous economic and social benefits. They add to the overall quality of life in cities and towns. Did you know for example that hospital patients have been shown to recover more quickly when they have a view of trees from their hospital room?

Sovereign Land consists of the beds of Utah's navigable rivers and lakes. The beds of the Jordan and Bear Rivers as well as portions of the Colorado and Green Rivers are state sovereign lands. The beds of Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake and Bear Lake are all managed by the Division under the "Public Trust" doctrine.

Each year hundreds of wildfires start in Utah's forests, rangelands and deserts. The Division responds quickly and appropriately to wildfires on state and private land ensuring that communities, watersheds, rangelands and wildlife habitats don't suffer catastrophic losses.

Find out more about the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands on the division's Web site: http://forestry.utah.gov/

Fire is a natural part of the wildland life-cycle. In contrast to past practices, fire managers evaluate several factors before fighting a wildfire. On certain lightning-caused events the decision is made to allow a fire to carry out its natural role before it is extinguished.

Prevention and awareness are fundamental to protecting our natural resources. Homeowners and land managers are assisted through community wildfire protection plans and similar small-scale fuel treatment projects that create defensible space between resources and a potential fire.

Services and functions

SOVEREIGN LANDS: Administers private, public and commercial uses of state owned lake bed and riverbed lands in accordance with the public trust doctrine.

Wildland fires occur often during Utah's warmer months.

FOREST STEWARDSHIP/AGRO FORESTRY: Assists private landholders in managing resources. Services include developing management plans along with timber marking, windbreaks, water quality, wildlife habitat improvement and financial assistance to implement resource management plans.

URBAN AND COMMUNITY FORESTRY: Urban foresters provide technical and financial assistance and promote the benefits of trees in our cities and towns.

WILDLAND FIRE PROTECTION: Provides wildland fire prevention and protection on Utah's unincorporated private lands. Includes wildland fire suppression training and fire equipment grants to community and volunteer fire departments.

LONE PEAK CONSERVATION CENTER: Provides trained crews to fight wildland fire both locally and nationally. They also provide crews to complete natural resource projects.


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