Photo gallery

We have put together a small collection of photos that provide just a taste of Utah's incredible natural resources.

Pelicans :: The isolated islands of the Great Salt Lake are used by birds as nesting locations.   Fisher Towers :: Fisher Towers, easy of Moab, Utah, rise about a section of the Colorado River with the La Sal Mountains in the background.   DMAD spillway :: The newly constructed dam spillway on the DMAD reservoir east of Delta.   Fishing at Mantua Reservoir :: Grandparent and grandchildren enjoy a fishing trip to Mantua Reservoir, east of Brigham City, Utah.   Oil and gas :: Utah is ranked 12th in the country in crude oil production and 10th in production of natural gas.   This is The Place Heritage Park :: This recreation of an early Utah pioneer village is located just east of Salt Lake City. Wildland fire :: Wildland fire plays an important role in ecosystem health. Fire managers try to maximize the benefits by taking the appropriate response when fire occurs.   Irrigation :: Much of Utah's agriculture is now irrigated with sprinkling systems, like this one in Utah's Heber Valley.   Dead Horse Point :: Deadhorse Point State Park overlooks the Colorado River near Moab.   Rocky Mountain goats :: The high, craggy peaks of Utah are home to herds of Rocky Mountain goats.   Limber pine :: Wasatch-Cache Uinta National Forest   Sand Hollow :: Sand Hollow State Park is located between the cities of St. George and Hurricane. Palisade State Park :: Palisade State Park and Golf Course are located about five miles south of Manti.   Mining :: Utah's rich mining history has left a legacy of abandoned mines. These mines can be a hazard to backcountry hikers and explorers.   Sovereign lands :: Ogden Bay Wildlife Management Area   Camping :: Camping in Snow Canyon State Park west of St. George.   Drilling :: Oil and gas wells can be found in many areas of Utah.   Cool, clear water :: This young boy has found a good way to beat the summer heat. Beaver Canal, near the city of Beaver   Roundup :: These pronghorn antelope will be transplanted to other parts of Utah.   Provo River Drainage :: Wintertime on the south fork of the Provo River near Woodland   Wildfire! :: Hot, dry weather contributes to frequent Utah wildfires during many Utah summers.   Desert tortoise :: The desert tortoise lives in far southwestern Utah's Mojave desert region.   Winter elk :: Rocky Mountain elk during a northeastern Utah winter. Wasatch Mountain :: Wasatch Mountain State Park is located in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Heber Valley.   Drilling :: Oil and gas drilling is an important part of Utah's economy.   Mohave Desert :: The Beaver Dam Mountains in extreme southwestern Utah sit in a small section of Utah that is part of the Mohave Desert.   Mineral mining :: Utah is one of the nation's leading mineral production states.   Snow Canyon :: Snow Canyon State Park is located northwest of St. George in Washington County.   Coal Creek diversion :: This old water diversion east of Cedar City is still doing it's job after many years.
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