Frequently asked questions

We receive lots of calls from people with questions. Here are a few answers.

What is the address of your offices?

1594 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Where can I find an employee's phone number?

A state employee directory is available at:

I need to reach someone who works with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Can you connect me?

The Conservation Service is a US federal agency; you'll need to call (801) 524-4550

How can I get a job with the department?

Hiring is done through the Department of Human Resource Management. Job openings can be found at

Where can I get a permit for a Christmas tree or firewood?

You need to contact your local US Forest Service or BLM office to obtain Christmas tree or firewood permits. Christmas tree permits usually go on sale in November and they sell out quickly. Contact your local office for more details.




About the Department of Natural Resources

When was the department created?

In 1967, eleven separate agencies administered natural resource management. The State Legislature mandated a Commissioner of Natural Resources to oversee a new "super department" with seven divisions. The governor at the time was Calvin Rampton.

Why was it created?

Many of the 11 different agencies were busy doing the same work being carried out by others. Often this resulted in the same job being done twice, and the public getting two different answers from two state agencies. The department was formed to organize the work and work toward common goals.

What is the role of the department?

The DNR exists to ensure that the natural resources in Utah are used in ways that will make them last and remain for future generations. Our mission is to sustain and enhance the Utah quality of life today and tomorrow through the coordinated and balanced stewardship of our natural resources.

How has the department changed?

DNR's leader is not a commissioner anymore, we now have an Executive Director.

Some agencies have changed names, left our department and some have consolidated. Oil & Gas merged with Mining, and State Sovereign Lands merged with the state's wildfire agency, the Utah Energy office left in 2003.

In 1996, all the divisions moved into a single building to increase efficiency and communication.

Since 1967, the department has made many changes to take care of the landscape and accommodate business, industry and agriculture in an era of increased need for conservation of our natural resources and care for the environment.

Who is the current DNR Executive Director?

Michael R. Styler

What agencies comprise the department?

There are seven:

  • Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands
  • Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Division of State Parks and Recreation
  • Division of Water Resources
  • Division of Water Rights
  • Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Utah Geological Survey

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